Foreigners in Hainan | Randy: build a bridge for foreign talents in Hainan

In order to better promote the important news information of Hainan Free Trade Zone and the free trade port with Chinese characteristics to the world, improve international communication and connect Hainan with the world, This is Hainan, the English news channel of, launches Hainan's first Chinese-English bilingual online video program "Foreigners in Hainan". The video program will share the stories of foreigners living, working and studying in Hainan with the platform of internet.

Randy, from California, USA, registered his own company in Hainan in April this year, Haikou Tongbang Chang Foreign Language Education Consulting Co., Ltd.


Randy came to China as an English teacher in 2012. He planned to stay in China for only one year or two, fortunately, he met his Chinese wife, and then had their lovely son Draven.


“I heard that Hainan's environment and the air quality are very good, so after interviewing a few jobs, I moved to Hainan with my wife and son, became an English teacher of an international kindergarten, and also help the kindergarten to recruit more excellent foreign teachers,” he said.

Randy spend Spring Festival with friends in Wan Ning, Hainan   

“In terms of recruiting foreign talents, I have a lot of resources both at home and abroad, so I started to think about that why I didn’t set up my own company? That’s why I founded Tongbang Chang Foreign Language Education Consulting Co., Ltd.,” Randy told the reporters.


In addition to help local international schools recruit outstanding foreign teachers, and also help foreigners from overseas countries and other parts of China find employment opportunities in Hainan, Randy also provides training to foreign teachers and Chinese employees to enhance their communication with each other.

   Randy and his family

Randy said: “these years in China, I found that the differences between Chinese and Western cultures are difficult for many people to understand. Many school staff are not able to well communicate with foreign teachers, which is the same problem for foreign employees. They find it difficult to work with their Chinese boss or colleagues. So we also help them to reduce these problems and help them work better."


“Hainan is very special, because of the construction of free trade zone and free trade port. The local government is very supportive of foreigners starting business in Hainan, the government provides us a lot of help,” he said.


“It only took me two weeks to register the company in Hainan, the process was optimized and it was really efficient," he added.

Randy and his friend


Talking about Hainan's business environment, Randy thinks it is better than other places he has been to. “I will encourage more foreign entrepreneurs to come to Hainan because I feel that the business environment here is very suitable for foreigners to start a business. The government has provided us a lot of help and convenience,” he said.

Responsible editor: 劉娉
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